Friday, December 15, 2006

Samosa Blog / Jealousy and French rail workers

I haven’t posted since a while now, not because I had nothing to say but because I had nothing interesting to share.

When I started this blog a few months back, my idea was to share the experiences of my life and to focus on the lessons learned, this is still my main objective but I decided to add a little spice to samosa blog by writing about the things that don’t make me happy or that purely disgust me. As a close friend said to me it is important to show the different facet’s of my ever so complex personality ;)

In my work, I try as much as possible to avoid pointing fingers at my co-workers when mistakes are made, for the simple reason that we all make mistakes and it is counterproductive in the long run for any organisation or work relationship.

The reason why I mention my work “ethics” is primarily because there is a huge amount of jealousy in France and it is only since I started working that I realise it is an ever growing cancer in our society.

What made it all click was a conversation with an old friend who wanted to send me a PowerPoint presentation about the advantages French rail workers had.

He was outraged by these benefits and during the whole conversation all I could think about was why he felt so angry at them when really he should be glad for them.

The fact of the matter is that there lives a sentiment that we should all have living and work conditions that are equal. Reaching some sort of balance would be a fantastic thing and I believe this is what most citizens on this planet wish for every single day.

Nevertheless, I have the feeling that most citizens would rather pull others down than hoist themselves up. I personally am happy that French rail workers have advantages even though I don’t have those advantages in my work, but I do have other advantages that make up for this gap that disturbs so many of our citizens.

It is hard for me to be faced with individuals who look at our society with a self centred point of view as if the French rail worker was reaching into his pocket and was thus making the individuals life worst.

Human being have never managed to survive individually, teamwork is always more productive than working alone, having someone in your life is always better than being alone so why do people view society and its mechanics as a one way street that leads to them?

I am tired of hearing people complain egoistically about their problems in a system that attempts to care for them and amazingly succeeds a great deal.

Be grateful of what you have, always wish for more and fight for it, the French rail workers did and so can you.

Until the next post,

good night


phen said...

My theory to this whole jealousy mess is quite a controversial one that isnt easily discussed with many people.

I believe people should learn to love themselves more (DONT MIX THAT UP WITH BEING SELFISH AND EGOTISTICAL), for one person who hates themselves or has insecurities about themselves that brings them down, can not love/praise another.

The strong and upfront people that are admired like a celebrity or leader is the main target for the rise and fall symptom. When they have a downfall or unsuccessfull expirience, the little "haters" show their real face and try to kick the person while they down.

Ask yourself this:

If you were for example a talented singer and concentrate alot of your time and passion towards that talent. Before reaching your "life's goal" you are put up against a person who has 10 x the talent you have. Would your dissapointment turn to spite?

I think that if at the same time you were absolutely comfortable with yourself and your life, and love yourself even beyond your talent. You would react by admiring the talent set before you. So what if you're not better and lose the race. You should learn not to regret and accept your path. Learn what you can from that person and move on with your life.

Since this is a blog, I will share my personal expirience and if it interrests you, you might see why I believe in this:

I was the best artist in my primary school and high school. My "talent" was admired by every art teacher and friend I had. It was my passion. Now as you could guess, I met an old friend, who was actually not better than me back in primary school, but had overtaken me in the field that I enjoyed drawing the most. He was amazing, and it kinda gave me a wake up call.

Having the ego and pride of a gorrilla, I ended up pulling myself away from art. I almost gave it up completely, not being able to finish another drawn picture for years. I think my pride was injured, but I respected my friend even more. I started respecting artists around me even more, for they have the discipline and self control to continue their art ambition that I couldnt.

Working with artists in art/design projects, gives me an even higher respect and understanding towards them. I could tell you the same story about programming.

Fact is, theres always someone better than you in anything you do. You can either enjoy/respect it, or hate it.

Federer is the best at tennis now, but some youngster if not nadal himself will take his throne sooner or later.

Respect the game, respect the players, ignore the haters.

When I get into conflict with one of these sorry haters, I recite this lyric from Kanye West's song about haters 'Bring me down':

"Hater n****az marry hater b***es and have hater kids" ;-)

Sorry for the aggressive writing style, ur post struck a nerve :D

Take care bro

MV said...

too-doo-doo.... 'en raison d'un mouvement social, l'interconnexion de la ligne A du RER est suspendue'. Just coming back from 3 days in Paris, and for 3 days I heard this chanting message.

if i take the precise example you choose - rail workers- that's m,y answer: i think many people are not jealous, but somehow fed up to experience so often disruptions in their transports (i remember having to go to my Fac exams by Cab for three days in 1999 b/c of massive strikes; giving my Masters dissertation 3 days late b/c I was stuck in the South with SNCF wokers on strike... and La Poste workers 'solidarily on strike', while the same year I had to go to work walking (45 minutes!) every day and be stuck in mobs b/c of strikes)... so in the Rail / underground workers case, I understand that some people lose patience.
But appart from that, I completely and definitely agree with you. This jealousy is completely pathetic. People should get on with their lifes and strive to make them better instead of looking at other people's life and often misjudge it....

Anonymous said...

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